Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda To Release Solo Album This June

Mike Shinoda, the co-founder and multi-instrumentalist from Linkin Park will release his début solo album this June 15th from his label, Warner Brothers. Dubbed Post-Traumatic, Shinoda wrote the album as a way fo coping with late LP frontman Chester Bennington’s death last summer. Shinoda dropped an EP of the same recently and shared two new singles and a new video today as well. Jam out to ‘Crossing a Line’ and ‘Nothing Makes Sense Anymore’ and watch the video for Crossing a Line too.


In an interview with KROQ radio, Shinoda detailed the album:

“I had been writing these songs and they were both helping me navigate both emotionally and logically. There wasn’t going to be any clear answers. We’re just going to have to wait and see and go with the flow.” The vocalist says in a statement about the disc, “It’s a journey out of grief and darkness, not into grief and darkness. If people have been through something similar, I hope they feel less alone. If they haven’t been through this, I hope they feel grateful.”

“I needed the freedom to just kind of wipe the slate clean.”

Pre-order Post-Traumatic in the format of your choosing at this link: