Lingua Ignota Streams New Single “Butcher Of The World”, New Album Incoming

One of the bands we are most hype for right now is Lingua Ignota a.k.a. Kristin Hayter, hot off her spectacular appearance at Roadburn 2019. They have a brutal new album, Caligula, coming from Profound Lore. Jam out to their harrowing new track ‘Butcher of The World’ right now!

Caligula will be released via Profound Lore on July 19. Preorders are available here.

Caligula — Track Listing:

1. Faithful Servant Friend Of Christ

2. Do You Doubt Me Traitor

3. Butcher Of The World

4. May Failure Be Your Noose

5. Fragrant Is My Many Flower’d Crown

6. If The Poison Won’t Take You My Dogs Will

7. Day Of Tears And Mourning

8. Sorrow! Sorrow! Sorrow!

9. Spite Alone Holds Me Aloft

10. Fucking Deathdealer

11. I Am The Beast


Lingua Ignota — on tour:

June 7 Little Rock, AR @ Mutants of the Monster

June 9 Austin, TX @ Austin Terror Fest

September 13-15 Hudson, NY @ Basilica Soundscape

November 8 Austin, TX @ Levitation


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