Life Of Agony Debuts Their New World Gone Mad Single

Life Of Agony will be releasing A Place Where There’s No More Pain on April 28th via Napalm Records, and it’s going to be something special. Here’s what Mina Caputo previously told, “Now more than ever seems to be a perfect time to release a new collection of Life of Agony songs. I think society needs more work and more healing. More hard rock. More authentic music and artists. I also think we needed to heal as a band. I think we’ve achieved just that with A Place Where There’s No More Pain. It’s a huge jump in creativity for this band. It sounds like a montage of the very best bits of our life’s work. We are stronger, more confident, more thought-provoking and more colorful and touching. I’m excited for the world to grasp its claws into it.

The band has already shared the video for the title track, and thanks to Invisible Oranges, you can stream the new ‘World Gone Mad’ single today.

Here’s what bassist Alan Robert said about the new song: “The message behind “World Gone Mad” could not be more relevant to what’s going on all over this planet right now. People are more divided than ever, and if we continue to ignore the fact that this world is busting at its seams and just continue to “stick our heads underground,” like the lyrics suggest, we will see a madness in our lifetime like we’ve never experienced before.

Pre-order your copy of A Place Where There’s No More Pain today!