A Day To Remember Wins Their Lawsuit With Victory Records

A Day To Remember, photo credit James Hartley

A Day To Remember, photo credit James Hartley

Florida’s A Day To Remember has won their case against Victory Records. The result of the many years legal battle, ADTR has been awarded $4 Million USD in a summary judgement.



The band has released a statement here:

“As many of you know, more than 5 years ago we filed a lawsuit against Victory Records seeking freedom and resolution on several issues we had with them. For the past 2 weeks we have been in court arguing our case. Yesterday, the jury came back with a unanimous verdict in the trial granting us that freedom and resolution. Thank you to the fan base for supporting us through this difficult time, we couldn’t have done this without you. This isn’t just a victory for us but also a victory for every band wronged over the years. Right doesn’t always win, but yesterday it did.”


As Law360 reported, on Tuesday (November 22), an Illinois federal jury sided with A Day to Remember, who have been embroiled in a recording contract dispute with Victory since 2011. Following a two-week trial, the jury ruled the band had fulfilled their five-album deal with the label, while Victory argued that they had not and in turn owed the label more money.

The label will be forced to pay the band $4 million USD for unpaid royalties and withheld proceeds from digital downloads and merchandise sales. The band als o got back the rights to their songs, while Victory gained control of sound recording copyrights.

Bassist Josh Woodard commented:

“Incredible, a little surreal, like you can breathe finally.”

Josh has already released a series of Tweets and posts, updating the fans.


A Day To Remember have been playing music festivals and about to kickoff a world tour supporting their self-released album Bad Vibrations this past September via their own ADTR Records label.

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