Leafblade – The Kiss Of Spirit And Fire

KSCOPE253-600px Seven years between albums is a long time, well maybe not for Tool, but certainly for Leafblade. Since releasing their debut album, Beyond Beyond, Leafblade have built up substantial expectations for their follow up, The Kiss Of Spirit And Fire. Featuring a line up of Danny Cavanagh and Daniel Cardoso (Anathema), along with Sean Jude and Kevin Murphy (both ex-Valle Crusis), the result is a stunning, yet refined timeless piece of progressive rock.

The Kiss… differs from its predecessor in numerous ways, but the most obvious is the diversion from lingering, poignant melodies to a rockier, loftier affair. It feels less proggier than their previous release, with a more heartening undertone. While it is reminiscent of Anathema and, at times Ulver’s War Of The Roses can be heard sifting its way through the album. Danny Cavanagh’s production is second to none, which each song moving effortlessly into the next. This is a major step up from the debut, and will undoubtedly make Leafblade a household name in the prog world.


Sarah Worsley

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