Krisiun Shares Album Artwork, New Music Coming Next Week

Death metal legends Krisiun have shared the Eliran Kantor created album artwork to their upcoming album Scourge Of The Enthroned. Due out on September 7th via Century Media Records, the first song, and digital pre-orders will kick off July 12th.

“Scourge Of The Enthroned” Cover!

Painted by Eliran Kantor

We proudly present you the cover for our new record, which comes out on Century Media Records on September 7, 2018!

Based on Sumerian mythology, it shows 3 ancient gods transcending the beginning of creation, represented by the incredible art of Eliran Kantor.

The sound of this record came out very complex and organic, unlike many of the super edited/digital albums these days, the songs are faster and more brutal than the previous records. Pure relentless Death Metal in your face!

Presales will be online next week, a first song and digital pre-orders will kick off July 12! The “Demonic III” are back! — feeling proud.