Krallice to Release Remastered Editions of First Four Albums

New York’s Black Metal collective Krallice has announced they will be releasing their first four albums in remastered reissues, according to Gilead Media. These albums include Krallice (2008), Dimensional Bleedthrough (2009), Diotima (2011), and Years Past Matter (2012) will be re-issued using brand new masters by guitarist/engineer Colin Marston. Each album will be available on limited smoky color vinyl and feature revised artwork.Pre-orders are live now in North America via Gilead’s website (link below). These albums will be available for pre-order soon in the UK via the Dry Cough label. The rest of the EU will see the release of these albums via Throatruiner/Deathwish Inc. Krallice released a new album in early 2019 that you can also purchase now.

In the UK via Dry Cough (going up for sale soon, check back if not posted yet):

In the EU via Throatruiner / Deathwish Inc EU:

The self-titled 2LP and Dimensional Bleedthrough 2LP are both part of the 2019 Sub Club from Gilead.

Colin Marston, Krallice guitarist/engineer commented:

I decided to re-master the first four Krallice albums for the vinyl reissues. As a music fan, I’m suspicious of the term “re-mastered,” because it usually means the new version will have more treble and more compression (i.e. “louder”) than the original, even when those treatments negatively affect the sound. It is important for music makers and music consumers both to understand that loudness is not an inherent quality of sound recordings; it’s always relative and ultimately at the discretion of the listener. A heavily compressed (“loud”) album can still be listened to quietly. Understanding this has freed me from the psychological insecurities of considering comparative loudness and has allowed me to make decisions that only improve sound when mastering.

These Krallice reissues are a rare case where the re-masters actually employ LESS eq and compression than the old masters. So this is a revision with the goal of letting more of the original character of the recording/mix shine through, rather than trying to “update” the sound, or make it more “competitive.” Let’s remove competition from music and allow it to be what it is fundamentally: unique and genuine personal expression.