Kontinuum Booked For Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2018


Kontinuum, on the strength of their recent album No Need To Reason (Season of Mist), have been added to the bill for Eindhoven Metal Meeting (EMM). Taking place on Friday 14th & Saturday 15th of December 2018, the Icelandic post-metal troupe joins the 10th-anniversary lineup along with Triptykon, Marduk, Solstafir, Moonsorrow, Septicflesh, Shining, Urfaust, Wiegedood are among the bands. The full lineup and links to tickets, expected to sell out as usual, can be found below.


Links to ticket packages here:

The line-up for the 2018 edition of Eindhoven Metal Meeting

Archgoat (FI)

Attic (DE)

Benediction (UK – ‘Transcend The Rubicon’ Setlist)

Carnation (BE)

Chris Holmes Mean Man (US)

Darvaza (NO/IT)

Dead Head (NL)

Desaster (DE)

Fleshcrawl (DE)

Gama Bomb (IE)

Harakiri For The Sky (AT)

Impaled Nazarene (FI – Special ‘Suomi Finland Perkele’ Setlist)

Inhume (NL)

Ixxi (SE)

Izegrim (NL)

Ketzer (DE)


Mandator (NL)

Marduk (SE)

Moonsorrow (FI)

Mortuary Drape (IT)

Necrophobic (SE)

Offerblok (NL)

Possession (BE)

Septicflesh (GR)

Shining (SE)

Sisters Of Suffocation (NL)

Slægt (DK)

Sólstafir (IS)

Triptykon (CH)

Urfaust (NL)

Valkyrja (SE)

Wiegedood (BE)

The strictly limited Early Bird tickets were all sold within only 3 days! Regular combi-tickets are now available on the official festival website. Daytickets will be made available later on.