Kobra and the Lotus – Prevail II

Loud. Frenetic. Angry. It got my heart pumping and I’m only 68 seconds into it. That, my gentle readers, is Kobra and the LotusPrevail II (Napalm). Woah, I was not expecting that break down! Hell to the yeah! Oh, and yes, I’m still on the first track, ‘Losing my Humanity’. The lyrics are so kick ass. The phrasing is little gems dotted throughout this song.

Ribe’ is so beautiful. It reminds me of ‘Bron-Yr-Aur’ by Led Zeppelin. ‘Fallen Empire’ reminds me of early Queensryche. ‘Velvet Roses’ not only has bitchin’ lyrics but is solidly put together. It’s like a modern-day Heart song. ‘White Water’ is a stand out track. I listened to it over and over. The song rips into your gut and pulls out your entrails. It’s pure raw emotion.

Kobra Paige’s voice is gobsmackingly amazing. It has gravitas. It can be brutal, yet sensual. I’m trying hard to find something about Prevail II that falls short. Awesome vocals? Check. Lyrics you can sing along to? Check. Headbanging pace? Check. Riffage upon riffage? Check. Shake your groove thing? Check. Blistering guitar solos? Check. There is no misstep here. Everything is as it should be.


Kobra and the Lotus’s Prevail II has a great metal vibe. But at times, it possesses this grand sweeping Viking Folk Metal sound. Some songs are purely hair metal, while others veer into progressive metal territory. Whatever your predilection, Kobra and the Lotus will please you.