Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of The Witches Streams New Album “Covenant” in Full

Underground music legend Karyn Crisis (Crisis, Ephel Duath)  will drop her sophomore release by her Gospel of the Witches, Covenant,  this Friday, October 25th via Aural Music. Stream the album now before you can buy it at the links below. a


Pre-order here: https://karyncrisisgospelofthewitches.bandcamp.com/album/covenant

Karyn commented:

Covenant is about the chthonic and celestial realms of the divine feminine, about liminal spaces where goddesses pull people deep into the earth’s fire, into astral travel and dreamy places to be bestowed sacred knowledge upon those who feel outcast, marginalized and unseen. A ‘Covenant’ is a type of devotion, an agreement with a larger force. In keeping with our first album, Covenant is charged music, ritualistic, and it is made through the process of channeling.”