Jungle Rot To Enter The Studio In January

Jungle Rot fans rejoice! The band will enter Belle City Sound on January 5th to begin recording their tenth full-length studio album. Vocalist/guitarist Dave Matrise says, “Once again, we’ve stuck with the tried and true Jungle Rot formula to produce another killer record that all our fans and everyone will enjoy. It’s been nice to get back to doing what we do best and that’s writing brutal, heavy music.

Titles slated to appear on the record include “Delusional Denial,” “Glory For The Fallen,” “Stay Dead,” “Twisted Mind,” “Fearmonger,” “Pumped Full Of Lead,” “A Burning Cinder,” “Triggered,” “Full Scale War” and “Send Forth Oblivion.” The band is also working on two cover songs for the new record that will hit stores in the Spring of 2018. Get stoked!