Josey Scott Will Not Sing with Saliva on Upcoming “Nu-Metal Revival 2020” Tour

Saliva’s Josey Scott will not join his bandmates for their headline run of dates with the “Nu-Metal Revival 2020” with, Powerman 5000, Adema, Flaw and Andrew W. Boss.

The vocalist, who announced last fall that he will reunite with Saliva for a possible tour, gave an interview to Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station on Thursday (February 27) in which he discussed his absence from the rock scene and decision to return to the band.

“I just wanted to clarify a few things to the fans and let the fans of Saliva know that I don’t want to mislead them in any way,” Josey said. “And I wanted to respond to the reaction from the fans about the tour that Saliva is about to do, the ‘Nu-Metal’ tour announcement that came in, to let the fans of Salivaknow that, unfortunately, I will not be on that tour. But soon. It’s gonna be a minute until we can iron out some details. It sucks, but it’s little things that have to be done.

Last fall, it was announced that Saliva would reunite with the band’s original frontman Josey Scott for a possible tour in 2020.