Jorge Herrera Quits The Casualties

Woah. After 27 years in the scene, front man and co-founder Jorge Herrera has officially left The Casualties. Longtime friend David Rodriguez (Starving Wolves, Krum Bums) will handle vocal duties during the band’s upcoming tour dates, but will it be the same without Jorge?! We shall see.

Here’s their official statement: “After 27 years of performing with the band, Jorge has chosen that the touring life is no longer for him. With that said, The Casualties will carry on. As anyone who follows us knows, the name The Casualties is stronger then any one member. The songs written in basements throughout New York City shall continue to ring loud. We will continue our commitment to the Casualties Army! We will tour and put forward new anthems for many more years to come. When we said “it’s a f*cking way of life” back in the beginning, we meant it.