Join The PR Power Series This Week: Concerts, Covid & Tour Press

Created by Ebony Jeanette and Raquel Figlo, the PR Power Series is a weekly talk show about the music industry from the PR perspective with two industry experts. Moderated by both Ebony Jeanette and Raquel Figlo alongside fellow music publicity maven and Music Publicist Club creator Jamie Roberts of For The Win Media. This week’s topic is on the return of tour press for publicists and what a return to full-scale touring and festivals means for the business. Tune in on May 27th when the room goes live at 8 pm eastern. This is a great resource for bands, journos, and aspiring publicists to learn from the best. Register at the link below. Or tap in directly on May 27th when the room goes live at 8pm eastern via the direct link:


In a recent interview with music webzine Concert Crap, Ebony Jeanette and Raquel Figlo explain their choice to go live on the Clubhouse platform as opposed to other social media platforms. “Clubhouse is a talking-based app that allows us to share a more authentic experience with others and discuss ideas and advice more easily without having to create text posts like you would with Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Our Room is titled “PR Power Series” and each month we discuss different topics related to the Public Relations industry. We encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a Public Relations professional to join our Clubhouse events in addition to bands, brands, and musicians who have questions about how a Publicists can take their career to the next level. explains Ebony Jeanette.


“When Ebony and I first decided to start an event, we decided that we wanted a platform that showcased our expertise. We just want to help brands and bands with advice and how we see the music, and entertainment industries from our perspective and give real-life experiences so maybe tour listeners can learn from it. If they want a publicist after they listen to us then they can message us! We both have a common goal and that is to inspire other women, especially women of color. We are super successful in our careers and we want to share with others how we got here and also encourage the younger generations to do the same. We want them to pursue their goals and dreams as we did. It was not easy, but here we are ” Raquel Figlo elaborates.


Read the full interview for additional insight at: n-clubhouse-for-monthly-discussions/