Job For a Cowboy Resurfaces on Social Media Again Teasing Some News

According to a report by Metal Injection, Job For A Cowboy once again popped up on social media to tease the fans about something coming soon. Ghost Cult broke the story last year that the band posted for the first time in 5 years and we had been told by a well-placed source close to the band (read that as a guy who is in a band with JFAC guys) that they had written and recorded some new music. This weekend they posted to Facebook (with an auto-post to Twitter, tsk tsk) a clip from the movie 1995 film Mortal Combat with the caption “It has begun” from the film. Vocalist Johnny Davy was a guest of Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel’s Instagram Livestream a few months ago and confirmed a new album is written and if it wasn’t for the pandemic, the band would be in the studio now recording it. No confirmation as to whether they would be rejoined by drummer Jon Rice (Scorpion Child, Umbra Vitae) will rejoin the group, but the rest of the band is returning.


JOB FOR A COWBOY Teasing A Comeback