Jinjer Completes Work on New Album

Modern metallers Jinjer has finished recording their new album. The band had been working on the follow-up to their 2019 EP Micro. Due later this year via Napalm Records, the band had been working at Kaska Studio in Kiev with producer Max Morton, who worked on all of the previous Jinjer albums. You can read some quotes from below bassist Eugene Abdiukhanov. As previously reported, Jinjer has booked extensive tour dates through next year.

“The recording is done. Just the day before yesterday, Tatiana [Shmailyuk] recorded vocals for the last song. And now all instruments, all lines, everything is recorded, so it’s all about mixing and mastering.”

According to Abdiukhanov, it is “wrong” to call “Micro” the follow-up to 2016’s “King Of Everything”. He explained: “I would say that ‘Micro’ is an independent release and quite different from its predecessor, from ‘King Of Everything’. And this [new] record, which is going to be out this year, this is a sort of successor to ‘Micro’. This is something similar, but at the same time different. There is a certain thread which keeps going from ‘Micro’ to the upcoming album, something which connects these two.”