JD McGibney and Friends Shares New Single – “Voices In The Dark” ft. Chen Balbus of Orphaned Land

JD McGibney who plays guitar in the epic instrumental metal band Angels on the Battlefield, and formerly a live member of Chinese folk metal band Voodoo Kungfu, and Nekrogoblikon has launched a new project JD McGibney and Friends. Focused on a message of positivity and spreading awareness for mental health charities, the band has launched their debut single “Voices In The Dark” featuring Chen Balbus (Orphaned Land, The Secret Saints). The goal of the track and project is to raise money the mental health organizations the You Rock Foundation and NAMI. The single is streaming and you can also watch a playthrough video of JD jamming along to the track.

YouTube Playthrough Video:



McGibney had this to say about “Voices in the Dark,”

“The song is a personal anthem for me for overcoming anxiety. It’s the first song being released for a project designed to raise awareness for mental health, encourage people to share their stories to help others, and to raise funds for Mental Health Non-Profit organizations.”


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