January 11th 2019 New Music Releases

Check out all of today’s new releases in the music world!

Afterlife – Breaking Point (Hopeless) (Buy)

Althea – The Art Of Trees (Sliptrick) (Buy)

Archangel A.D. – Warband (Self) (Buy)

Artas – Ora et Gommorha (Self) (Buy)

At The Gates – The Mirror Black (7″) (Century Media) (Buy)

At The Gates – With The Pantheons Blind EP (Red) (Buy)

Biohazard – State Of The World Address (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Bloody Invasion – Zombie Society (Bret Hard) (Buy)

Bloody Times – On A Mission (Self) (Buy)

Born Of Osiris – The Simulation (Sumerian) (Buy)

Cemment – Resurrection From Carnage EP (Agoge) (Buy)

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Blood & Rockets 10″ (Color) (Buy)

The Crown – Crowned In Terror Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade) (Buy)

The Crown – Crowned Unholy Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade) (Buy)

The Crown – Possessed Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade) (Buy)

Deathchant – Deathchant (King Volume) (Buy)

Dictator – Dysangelist Re-Release (Aesthetic Death) (Buy)

The Doors – Waiting For The Sun 50th Anniversary 2cd (Buy)

Earth Crisis – All Out War – Firestorm – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Embrional – Evil Dead (Self-Released) (Buy)

Frosttide Decedents – Enshrined (Ingrooves) (Buy)

Haruomi Hosono & Mac Demarco – Honey Moon (Color) (Buy)

Jinjer – Micro EP (Napalm) (Buy)

John Lunn And Eivør – Original Soundtrack The Last Kingdom (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Komodor – Komodor (Soulseller) (Buy)

Krishna Peri – Cyclotron (Self) (Buy)

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio – Sky Over Giza EP (Debemur Morti) (Buy)

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – Machina Non-Grata (N/A) (Buy)

Metro Boomin – Not All Heroes Wear Capes (Buy)

Mo’ynoq – Dreaming In A Dead Language (Self) (Buy)

Nailed To Obscurity – Black Frost (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Obituary – Slowly We Rot (MusicOnVinyl) (Buy)

Orchid – Miasma (Self) (Buy)

Örnatorpet – Hymner Från Snökulla (Nordvis) (Buy)

Peste – Peste EP (This Is Core) (Buy)

Saqra’s Cult – The 9th King (Amor Fati) (Buy)

Slowdive – Slowdive – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Snapcase – Designs For Automotion – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Snapcase – Lookinglasself – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Soilwork – Verkligheten (Nuclear Blast) (Buy)

Static Tension – Ashes To Animation (Buried By Sky) (Buy)

A Swarm Of The Sun – The Woods (Version Studio) (Buy)

Taking Back Sunday – Twenty (Craft) (Buy)

Thunderbird Divine – Magnasonic (Salt Of The Earth) (Buy)

(The True) Veiled – In Blinding Presence (Endless Chaos) (Buy)

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Bird Box (Abridged) (Original Score) (The Null Corporation) (Buy)

Tytus – Rain After Drought (Fighter) (Buy)

Violblast – Theater Of Despair (Hostile) (Buy)

Vomitory – Raped In Their Own Blood Re-Release (Metal Blade) (Buy)

Vomitory – Redemption Re-Release (Metal Blade) (Buy)

Wolfhorde – Hounds Of Perdition (Inverse) (Buy)

Whitney – Light Upon The Lake – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Within Temptation – Mother Earth (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Woven Man – Revelry (In Our Arms) (Undergroove) (Buy)