Ion Dissonance Is Streaming Cast the First Stone Online


Ion Dissonance will be unleashing Cast the First Stone on November 18th on Good Fight Music, but thanks to the band, you don’t have to wait any longer to hear it. The guys have decided to stream the entire record online before it’s release, and they’ve shared this statement: “We are both really proud and excited that ‘Cast the First Stone‘ is finally set to release this week. Six years is a long time to be away in this business, and it feels great to see fans still repping our name on various forums and sites from all over the globe. Trust me when I say, this was certainly a tough project from all perspectives. It was also tough for us to sit on these songs for so long and not share them with our fans who were eagerly awaiting new material from us. We can now say that the wait is finally over, and the end result is shaping up to be more than we had anticipated. Don’t sleep on this record. This is the next step in the Ion Dissonance discography. A logical progression of our work to date, and we hope our fans can enjoy it as much as we did creating/recording it.

Blast Cast the First Stone in it’s entirety below, and pre-order your copy today!