INTERVIEW: Steve Zing (Danzig, Samhain) of Blak29 on “The Waiting” – Living Life, Chasing Love, and More

Ghost Cult caught up with Punk and Metal legend Steve Zing ( Danzig/Samhain/Son of Sam) of Blak29 to discuss his new album “The Waiting” – out now via Cleopatra Records! Steve discussed the writing of his new album, writing with his bandmate Dan Tracey, a track-by-track breakdown of the entire album, working with guests and friends from The 69 Eyes – Prong – and Type O Negative, what it’s really like to work with Glenn Danzig, and upcoming tour news.


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Interview by Keefy

Produced & edited by Omar Cordy of OJCPICS​​​​

Theme music by Salted Wounds


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