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Orange County post metallers Speaking the Kings are the newest faces on the Nuclear Blast roster, with the release of their first full length album Carousel. Guitarist Justin Boch spoke about being part of a youth movement on a Nuclear Blast roster and sounding a bit from left field than most of the current acts they have out.

It’s funny. This is probably the least metal or heavy band we’ve done to this point. In the same breath it’s also the thing we’ve most proud of and it’s like what you said earlier that we’re on a huge label with all of these huge metal bands that we all like so much. We’re extreme fortunate that they believe in us enough to give us a chance to be that band. We’re stoked that a band from the UK called Bury Tomorrow that’s closer to what we’re doing. Just possibly being able to carry the flag for this genre and this music on a label like this has been nothing but a blessing for us and we’re super stoked on that.

I think they see the potential in this genre. They’ve been around for 30 years and they have almost every single kind of metal you can think of, from rock to black metal to thrash metal. But they don’t have their hands tapped into this kind of popcore genre that we’ve undertaken. It’s cool because they’re making a move to push for this style,” added guitarist Mike Entin.

They just signed For Today, which is similar type of band and will find on Warped Tour, but they’re also making some moves for the future that are really big and exciting and can’t wait to get shit happening. I think they see our potential and they want to be part of this while it does grow.

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They spoke about being signed to a label like Nuclear Blast and when the reality of being labelmates with bands such as Slayer and Machine Head sunk in. Entin shared his thoughts on the matter.

It immediately sunk in! It’s funny because one of the first things I learned on guitar was ‘Raining Blood’ and now we’re on the same label as Slayer. I remember I met Kerry King and I couldn’t even talk to him because I was so starstruck and that’s not usually my thing. It was crazy to me that we’re on the same label as Slayer, Suicide Silence and Meshuggah – all of these amazing bands. It’s just crazy.

I’m not an amazing guitar player or anything but it’s awesome that Nuclear [Blast] sees the potential in me and trusts us and wants us to be their flagship band of the genre.

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On the subject of which label mates they would each like to tour with, each member had a different candidate.

Suicide Silence. They’re friends and local band and they’re killer dudes with a killer lineup,” said drummer Will Peacock.

I would say Bury Tomorrow because I would really like to go to Europe and I think that we’re all into their music and they would be super cool to go out with someone from there and show us around and see someone you normally wouldn’t see,” said Boch.

Entin added, “Bury Tomorrow would be cool because they’re Nuclear Blast family and they’ve been carrying the torch over there. Maybe they’ll show a little love to us and take us under their wing. Then they could get the most out of us for Nuclear Blast. And of course there’s Slayer.

By Rei Nishimoto