Interview: Juliet Simms – Back On The Saddle Again

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During the kick off party for the Vans Warped Tour 2015 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA, singer Juliet Simms sounded eager to get herself going once again on the tour that put her music out to the masses. Plus being that this time around, she is a veteran of this tour and a return to an environment she knows all too well.

“It is my favorite tour to do,” said Simms, sounding excited about spending her summer in a familiar place. “Everybody on the tour, whether it is production or the crew, Kevin [Lyman], everybody behind the scenes are like family. So going back out is like going home. That’s what it feels like. It’s because of Warped Tour I actually got my band’s name out there so that’s where I started. So it’s like I’m going home.”

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Unlike her previous experience as an acoustic performer, she returns with a full live band and to promote her new EP All Or Nothing.

“The last two times I did it I was acoustic. So I’m with a full band this summer. I’ll be at Journeys Stage and I’ll have a few surprises up my sleeve. You’ll have to come see my set to see it.”

Simms has also launched a campaign with Alive Music Project and the It Gets Better Campaign against bullying and support for the LGBT community with Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack.

“Me and Andy Biersack, my boyfriend are doing a campaign to raise awareness about anti bullying and support for the LGBT and the Gay Men’s Choir of LA, and getting music back into the schools. Music and arts are getting cut from schools all across the country. It’s a sad day. We feel very passionate about all of it and we wanted to raise money for it. You can check it out here.”

Juliet Simms. Photo Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Juliet Simms.
Photo Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Simms is no stranger to the Black Veil Brides audience, as she previously sang on ‘Lost It All’ on their 2013 album Wretched And Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones. Biersack repaid her with an appearance on her EP on ‘Not Broken Yet.’

She also shared her experience being on The Voice. “I was the runner up (in 2012). It feels like a million years ago. It was the time of my life. I did it. It was fun but I’m done.”

Despite her time on the show, she cherished that time and looking back at it did not come across as odd when looking back at that time in her life. “I lived the experience so it doesn’t feel weird. I don’t watch the show so I haven’t had the experience to feel that way. It was good for me. It brought in my fan base so I had a good experience on the show. Coming off of it is a whole different experience.”

By Rei Nishimoto