Diamond Rowe: I’ve Never Been More Excited About A Tetrarch Release


It’s been three years since Tetrarch released their Relentless EP to the masses, but they’ve been busy. The band moved to California last year, and as Diamond Rowe told me last week, they have a lot planned for fans in 2017. Check out our chat below!

Metal Mark: It’s been three years since Relentless was released to fans, but a lot has changed, including your location. Why is California the place where Tetrarch needs to be right now?

Diamond Rowe:Moving to California isn’t necessarily a necessity like it used to be because of the internet, but it definitely has made things a lot easier for us that we would not have been able to do in Atlanta. Shooting videos with our favorite videographers, photo shoots, meetings with managers, and stuff like that is just easier since a lot of them are based here in L.A. or in NYC. It’s good for us to be so close to everything that we need as a band to function without having to travel so far.

MM: You made your name in Atlanta through the releases and shows, but how’s it going in California so far? Any regrets about moving?

DR:Everything in California is going great. Everything that we have been up to here will come to light soon and I could not be more excited about it. Having said that, Atlanta will always be our hometown though. That’s where we established ourselves and learned how to be the band that we are today and we’re proud of that. Being out here is just a different chapter, in a sense, but on stage we still are and always will be ‘Tetrarch from Atlanta, Georgia.’

MM: Fans have been eagerly waiting new material from the band, so what’s the latest that you can share with us?

DR:At this point we have finished tracking the record. It has a name, which is my favorite title we’ve had to date, and the track listing is made. We tracked it with Dave Otero in Denver, Colorado at Flatline Audio, which was a great experience, and I think we have a pretty amazing finished product. Dave does a lot of death metal records for bands like Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon, etc, but it was really cool to see how he was able to flip, and really help us achieve some super cool things on this record. His mixes marry really, really well with our music. It’s very energy filled. We have quite a few things that have to happen before we can release anything, but I can say that it’s all coming together just as we envisioned, up to this point at least (laughs).

MM: Tetrarch’s has evolved throughout each release, and I hear the new stuff is the next evolution in the band’s sound. How would you best describe it?

DR:With this stuff we really wrote a record that we wanted to write without anything else in mind. We definitely went back to some of the influences that got us excited about music in the first place that we’ve never really utilized before. It’s a very weird record for us, lyrically and musically, but it still sounds like Tetrarch. We tapped into things that we never have before. It’s very energetic, has some pretty huge hooks, huge grooves (which is new for us), and we also fucked around with some really cool creepy FX guitar sounds on this stuff too. It’s a very dynamic record. I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people. I have never been more excited about a Tetrarch release.

MM: So we can expect a big 2017 for Tetrarch right?

DR:Some bands enjoy writing records more and vise versa, but touring and playing shows is what we love, and is definitely our favorite part of being in a band. Once we get our record out, touring is the very next goal on the list in support of the record. Hopefully, if everything works out the way we are hoping and working towards, everyone will be seeing us all over the world over the next couple of years. We’re looking forward to taking things to the new level next year when everything comes to light that we have been up to. I’m definitely excited to see how everyone reacts to what we have in store, because it’s been a long time coming.

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