Insomnium & Moonspell – Live @ The Underground, London

INSOMNIUM 3 Finnish melodic deathsters Insomnium might as well consider The Underworld as their London home: the way the quartet is welcomed tonight is, as always, simply overwhelming to say the least. After a successful 2011 that saw them reaching their highest pick with their stunning fifth album One For Sorrow and a series of live appearances including the support role to mighty Paradise Lost and their headlining European tour in 2012, the squad is ready to strike again, opening for Moonspell. Nothing seems to be short of flawlessness with their set since the very first instance that vocalist and bassist Niilo Sevänen stomps on the stage, with his captivating confidence of a true frontman. Breathtaking rendition of ‘Inertia’ and ‘Unsung’ make the audience take off instantly and land on planet Insomnium, where intense emotions and powerful melodies crash with blasting tempos and contagious patterns. Nobody seems to be able to stand still, not even for a fraction of a second. By the time ‘Though The Shadowsand ‘Change Of Hearthit the middle of their set, Insomnium are simply exploding with high spirit. ‘One for Sorrow is the perfect closing track: nobody is left disappointed and Insomnium have proved themselves once more one of the best bands in their genre.

MOONSPELL 1 As the Portuguese legend Moonspell arrive, things change quite drastically as the mood seems to take a turn. They certainly seem to still have that “something” but it does not feel to be enough to truly make them stand out tonight. As frontman Fernando Ribeiro takes possession of the stage wearing what seems to be a centurion mask and ‘Alpha Noir’ and ‘Opium’ are delivered, the show seems to be entertaining enough but without the expected might. The quintet carries on with their melodic assaults and despite what seems to be a lack on inspiration from their side, Moonspell engage the crowd and live up to their legacy, somehow.

Moonspell – Insomnium
London, the Underworld
23rd April
Marcus J. West
Photos: Fabiola Santini

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