Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum to Host Exclusive Livestream Event

Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum are teaming up for a joint livestream event, taking place on Friday, April 10 at 18.00 CEST. The event is going to raise funds to offset the awful developments of their massive North American tour, canceled by the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak. Both bands will be playing live on April 10 and the viewers are going to be able to comment and react on the performance in real-time. This offers the opportunity for the fans to react and interact during the show. During the changeover, members of both bands will be available for a live chat as well. The ticket sale has started and available on the same platform. The recording will be available for 48 hours after the live stream. (Ticket price is: 8,90€.)

The live stream will take place at

Markus Vanhala comments on behalf of both bands: “If someone had asked me to do a livestream with ticket sales two weeks ago, my answer would’ve been ‘hell no.’ But the world changes, apparently really fast, when you’re in quarantine. INSOMNIUM and OMNIUM GATHERUM double trouble North American tour went pretty bad with the cancellation and the country (=WORLD!) shutting down right after we arrived at the airport to New York City… So this is what we can offer back for now, before this tour can be rescheduled sometime next year, hopefully. After staring two weeks on the wall inside four walls at home quarantine, I have discovered a hellish urge to go back on stage and play. Even if it would be an empty hall and pose for the camera eyes only, but to play with my booyas as live in concert as we can at the moment!

“With this stream production, we try to help the cultural field, concert promoting, our own crew, local entertainment companies and a bit also, our poor ourselves, as cancellation of the gigs and tours destroyed our income. Thanks for the huge support to our beloved fans!”

Premiere worldtimes on April 10:

Brisbane (AUS) – 02:00 AEST

Tokyo (JP) – 01:00 JST

Taipei (TW) – 00:00 CST

Dubai (UAE) – 20:00 GST

Helsinki (FI) – 19:00 EEST

Berlin (GER) – 18:00 CEST

London (UK) – 17:00 BST

New York (USA) – 12:00 EDT

Houston (USA) – 11:00 CDT

Calgary (CAN) – 10:00 MDT

Los Angeles (USA) – 09:00 PDT