Inhumate and Dropdead Confirmed For Obscene Extreme America


Obscene Extreme America has confirmed French grindcore band Inhumate (watch here) and Providence, RI hardcore band Dropdead (watch here) to confirm to perform at the 2015 event in Montreal, QC on August 20-13, 2015.

The Obscene Extreme Festival began in the Czech Republic in 1999, and over the past 16 years, more than 700 bands from all over the world have rocked its stage. The Obscene Extreme World Tour was born 2 years ago out of the desire to bring the carnage to extreme music fans worldwide. After Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, and Japan, the festival is bringing the blasting madness of Obscene Extreme to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Get ready for a 4 day trip of fast, brutal, and destructive musical violence.

5 reasons the Obscene Extreme World Tour is going to blow your mind:

1. Truly underground.
Obscene Extreme is one of the few truly underground festivals to unite big, genre-defining bands, and small, cult bands.

2. Vegan-friendly.
Whatever you do or don’t do, believe or practice, you’re welcome at Obscene Extreme.

3. Fair ticket price.
No massive booking agent or energy drink mega-festival bullshit, Obscene Extreme is affordable for everyone.

4. No shitty rules, no shitty security.
Stage diving, stage invasions and more, all welcome. Obscene Extreme treats you like people and doesn’t stop you having fun.

5. Grindcore carnival.
Wear a gasmask, dress as a goregrind banana, Obscene Extreme is more than a festival – it’s a party!

The schedule for the event is as follows:

Thursday AUGUST 20 – PRE-FEST, start 7 pm, approx. 10 bands
3699, Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, Québec
THR Bar on Facebook

Friday AUGUST 21, start 1 pm, approx. 20 bands
Théâtre TELUS, 1280 St-Denis / coin Ste-Catherine, Montréal, Québec
Theatre Telus on Facebook
Saturday AUGUST 22, start 1 pm, approx. 20 bands
Théâtre TELUS
1280 St-Denis / coin Ste-Catherine, Montréal, Québec
Theatre Telus on Facebook

Sunday AUGUST 23 – AFTERSHOW, start 5 pm, approx. 5-10 bands
1635 Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2S9
Katacombes on Facebook

Obscene Extreme America on Facebook
Obscene Extreme America on YouTube