Ingested – Revered by No-One, Feared by All

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Ingested’s Revered by No-One, Feared by All (Siege of Amida Records) is much more than just an EP in a “young” (a decade if you count their previous incarnation as Age of Suffering) Manchester based band’s discography. This is the moment where Ingested needs to prove that they are doing it right. If in 2009 they hit the nail in the head with their debut full length, Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering, two years after they hit their head with the fuckin’ nail when they released their 2011 follow-up, The Surreption. From a solid brutal death metal/slam album in 2009 they jump to a mediocre in deathcore album in 2011. What now? It seems that the answer to that question comes from the EP. With this new record the band seems to have an urgency of redirect their focus and the result is a mixture between their brutal death/slam with some pieces of deathcore that is delivered throughout these four tracks that are filled with crushing-grooving riffs, a more sparse dynamic rhythm-wise and vocals that roam between the most brutal guttural and the deathcore groovy approach. Revered by No-One, Feared by All is far from being an utterly amazing piece but it’s solid and proves that the band can learn from their mistakes. Now we just need to pay some attention because their next record can be, easily, fuckin’ MASSIVE!




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