ILSA Shares New Single “Poor Devil,” – New Album “Preyer” Coming Soon

Washington D.C.’s Death/Doom band ILSA has announced their new album, Preyer, November 20th on Relapse Records. The band has unveiled their first single, “Poor Devil” which you can see the visualizer of below and hear on all streaming platforms. Pre-orders are also available now!



ILSA frontman Orion comments, “‘Poor Devil’ sprung from study of Potter’s Fields and the story of Judas Iscariot, where I found parallels with [American murderer] Sean Sellers’ ‘betrayal’ by his best friend and Judas’ role as biblical scapegoat. For such a lynchpin in the The Passion Of Christ, Judas was never afforded the reverence of the other disciples, forever damned as an unredeemable traitor, while the story could never be complete without his participation. The Potter’s Field where Judas hung himself became the burial grounds of the discarded and unclaimed dead, and the name stuck to this day. Apologies to D.I.’s ‘Richard Hung Himself’ where we snuck a nod to the one of the best punk songs ever written.”

Preyer track listing:

  1. Epigraph
  2. Poor Devil
  3. Moonflower
  4. Shibboleth
  5. Mother of God
  6. Scavengers
  7. Widdershins
  8. Preyer
  9. Lady Diamond
  10. Behind The Veil
  11. The Square Coliseum


Orion – vocals

Brendan – guitar

Dylan – guitar

Tim – guitar

Sharad – bass

Joshy – drums

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