Holy Wars Shares Their New Single and Video for “TV Dinner”

Los Angeles pop-Rock band Holy Wars dropped a new single and video today for “TV Dinner.” The track comes from their forthcoming debut full-length LP tentatively titled Eat It Up / Spit It Out. The track blasts consumer society and misogyny with Kat Leon’s maniacal vocals and Nicolas Perez’s screaming guitar riffs. One part Mad Men and two parts Riot Girl punk, “TV Dinner” gives the finger to modern conventions and the status quo. Watch the clip now!

“‘TV Dinner’ is a fun, energetic punch to the face making you thrash around your bedroom while at the same time, spotlighting a societal meaning to the lyrics,” says Kat. “I wanted to write a song that conveys the message ‘we are what we eat’ and at times regurgitate mindlessly…touching upon brainwashing, misogyny, social injustice, a masked religion, the empty promise of an American Dream, and death of the paid artist where art and music is valued by a ‘like’ on a fleeting app. I even let the listener inside my personal life by paying homage to my late parents in lyrics, ‘Dad was an auto mechanic, Mom was a tarot reader, I got blue blood in the veins, sick heart, we got a bleeder…’ I was inspired to write this message as everyday we consume what is given to us via all media… news, social apps, television and yes… food.”

“We open up with a parody of a real 1955 TV Dinner commercial where it reeks of misogyny,” Kat continues. “This commercial inspired our opening to the video where we start with the typical American dynamic of the average household in 1955 and as the song starts, we are now in the mind of [Kat] Leon as she stands so poised holding that TV dinner next to her husband [Jake Handler] while in her mind, the lyrics to the song are given life from one second to the next as if turning the channels in her head… Once the song and ride ends you have to watch it again because surely you missed something.”


Holy Wars is: vocals and lyrics, Kat Leon; guitarist and producer, Nicolas Perez; and drums, Greg Garman.


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