High On Fire Set To Release “Electric Messiah” Album This Fall

Stoner metal kings High On Fire have announced they are releasing their new album dubbed Electric Messiah via the eOne Label this October. Some details such as the track listing are available, with the first new music hopefully coming soon. Frontman Matt Pike recently gave an interview to the DC Heavy Metal Podcast in which he shared some of the details, including a headline tour soon with Municipal Waste. The follow-up to 2015’s Luminiferous, Electric Messiah was recorded at producer Kurt Ballou’s GodCity Studios where the last two HoF LPs were created. Additional tracking was done by Bryan Sours of Sour Sound.

Pike commented on Electric Messiah

“It’s the best album we’ve ever done, by far. It’s ridiculous. And I’m really proud of that. It is by far the best HIGH ON FIRE record ever, which is hard to believe, but it’s fucking badass.”

“I think there’s 10 tracks, 11 tracks. It depends, ’cause there’s a bunch of songs… Like, I wrote a Sumerian Anunnaki rock opera that actually is two songs, but they’re separate tracks. And then there’s a lot of ‘slash’ songs. There’s a lot of songs that… you know [how certain bands] will have, like, one song but it makes, like, three songs, if you really think about it? It’s kind of a bunch of shit like that, because we’ve had this constant stream of riffs and we put it together.”

“I like, when I do HIGH ON FIRE records, to have a lot of interludes and weird shit going on, so you never lose focus, but it’s constantly changing. It’s a lot like… [2007’s] ‘Death Is This Communion’ is like that; there’s tracks that don’t have names, but they’re there. It’s just one stream of HIGH ON FIRE consciousness, and it’s fucking good; that’s all. I’m really stoked on that record.”

“We’ve been kind of beating a dead horse, dead in the water for a while, so we’re doing a co-headline [run] The MUNICIPAL WASTE dudes are our good friends, so we figured we’ll just punch the country together, swap spots and no one gets tired and all that stuff, and, yeah, it should be good. I wanna get HIGH ON FIRE rolling again, so it’s full throttle. We took a lot of time to write this record, really make it good.”