Hi/Jack Streams Their New Single – “Patient Zero” 2020

Milwaukee Hard Rock duo Hi/Jack have returned with a new single, a new version of their song “Patient Zero!” You can stream the track exclusively today at Alternative Control blog, and pre-orders are live over at their Bandcamp.com page! The band will also release a brand new music video to accompany the track in the coming weeks. Stream Patient Zero” track now!

Hi/Jack Streams their new single – “Patient Zero (2020)”



The band commented:

“Much like our Hi/Jack mission from the start in 2014, this video and re-recording was completely DIY and true to form.”


Pre-orders are live at this link and the track will be live tomorrow October 8th, 2021:



Max tells the story of how the band formed.

Hi/Jack was formed in 2014 by pure chance. I (Max) had just come out of a failed band and was asked to play a one off show with the bassist from that band and his new drummer (Ron). That gig ended up being amazing, but nothing came of it, as Ron was already in a band. Not long after, that band disbanded. At that point, Ron was considering giving up music and focusing on his engineering career. Well, fortune, fate or whatever you’d like to call it had other plans. Ron got a message on Facebook informing him he had won a brand new Gretsch drum kit. He decided to take that as a sign and agreed to give this new band idea a shot. Well, it’s 2021. Time flies.


FFO: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Green Day, The Clash, Seether, Dead Kennedys, Cream, Tool.


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