Havok Releases Hang ‘Em High From Conformicide

Havok will be unleashing Conformicide on March 10th via Century Media. David Sanchez previously said that “‘Conformicide’ is the band’s most dynamic, heavy, thoughtful, musical, and sonically-crushing album so far,” and you can hear that loud and clear in the new ‘Hang ‘Em High’ single that they’ve just shared online. Here’s what the band said on the track, “In our current political atmosphere, corruption runs deep. This is our response. It’s time to wake up.

Blast the thrashtastic tune below, and pre-order Conformicide today!

Conformicide track listing:
1. F.P.C.
2. Hang ‘Em High
3. Dogmaniacal
4. Intention to Deceive
5. Ingsoc
6. Masterplan
7. Peace Is In Pieces
8. Claiming Certainty
9. Wake Up
10. Circling the Drain