Harley Flanagan Sues For Rights To Cro-Mags Name

The New York Post is reporting that HarleyFlanagan is suing the Cro-mags to own the rights to the name of the band he founded. Flanagan who started Cro-mags when he was 14 years old is suing John Joseph AKA John Bloodclot for copyright infringement for continuing the band without him. Flanagan claims that he trademark the name cro mag for recording in 2010 and for merchandise back in 2009 and again in 2017.

Harley claims in the lawsuit that the other members of the Cro-mags took over the band around 2002 when “Flanagan’s first son was about to be born… and Flanagan had to stop touring to help with the baby.”

The Cro-mags have been touring sporadically ever since and are scheduled to play in Europe in June.

There has been acrimony between Flanagan and the other cro mags for years, including threats and actual violence in person.