Guns N Roses to Launch New Podcast – “GNR: The First 50 Gigs”

Guns N Roses are launching a new video podcast series, “GNR: The First 50 Gigs” – an archive of the band’s first 50 shows, have already been recorded and are in post-production. The show will be hosted by Marc Canter, who grew up best friends with Guns N Roses members Slash and Axl Rose, and the first two episodes are already done and complete and a snippet of episode one is available below.


From Facebook:

“When teenager and amateur photographer Marc Canter set out to document his best friend Saul Hudson’s rise as a rock guitarist in 1982, he never imagined he was documenting the genesis of the next great rock ‘n’ roll band. His friend became the legendary guitarist Slash, and Canter found himself witnessing the creation of Guns N Roses front and center. The candid shots contained in his Guns N Roses biography “Reckless Road: Guns N Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction”, taken as the band toured in 1985-1987 and made the legendary album “Appetite For Destruction”, capture their raw, blood-sweat-and-tears performances as well as their intimate moments. Containing original gig memorabilia including show flyers, ticket stubs, set lists, press clippings, and handwritten lyrics as well as in-depth interviews with band members and the people closest to them, “Reckless Road” offers an explicit, first-person perspective readers won’t find anywhere else.


Originally published in America in 2008, “Reckless Road” contains interviews with Slash, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler, as well as groupies, failed producers, and former managers and bandmates.