Guns N Roses Closes In On Return, Tour Booking Underway


The return of Guns `N Roses is picking up steam in real tangible ways, not just the music industry rumor mill and the internet. Their website recently switched from the Chinese Democracy-style album cover to the more classic “GNR seal logo”. Also fans seeing Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in some cities were treated to a cryptic trailer with the bands music, crowd noise and other elements indicating concerts or a performance. Another more concrete clue may lay with Alex Martel, the booker of the annual Amnesia Rockfest in Canada. As reported by, in a post to his personal Facebook account, Alex speculated that the band is seeking 3-4 times what the 2015 headliner, System of A Down was paid. SOAD was paid between 1-2 million USD for the gig, meaning that GNR maybe seeing 6-8 million dollars for their appearance. Typically headline bands for major festivals command 1-2 million dollars for the larger and more exclusive appearances. As previously reported by Ghost Cult, the band has been in talks with promoters and planning a comeback in 2016 in some way. This may or may not include all of the original members, but will at least count Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan in its ranks. 


guns n roses classic logo

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