GUEST POST: Tom Begley of BOSSK -Top Albums of the Year 2020

Ghost Cult continues our “End of Year Guest Post Extravaganza” with a slew of posts from bands, industry, PR pros, and more! We’ll be sharing lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. In this edition, Tom Begley of post-Rock band BOSSK shares his Top Albums List for 2020 on our readers. The band has completed a new album for 2021 and has booked

“Been a unique year in music history this year, for a large list of obvious reasons, but there has also been a fairly decent delivery of new music that I have enjoyed. I’m sure that I’m not the only person to have found themselves with more time for listening to music new and old.

I couldn’t put them in any order, but here’s the 10 releases I have enjoyed the most in 2020.

Holy Fawn – The Black Moon

Technically I guess this is a single? 3 new tracks from a band that I really fell in love with fast. Haunting vocals with dreamy floaty post-rock sections, amazing progression from the last full length. Can’t wait for more new tunes.


Deftones – Ohms

I have loved Deftones since the 90s, and always keen to hear new music from them. This ones loads better than the previous release, with lots of classic Deftones grooves and a huge grower.


Mogwai – zerozerozerozero

I can’t think of a Mogwai release I haven’t loved. This is a soundtrack to a tv show that I’ve not watched, but the record is hugely enjoyable. I really like the stripped-back piano and synth elements that they seem to explore more on their soundtrack based records. And there’s loads of nice droney sections too.


Katatonia – City Burials

I only really like one of their previous albums, ‘the fall of hearts’ I LOVE and listened to so much in the early stages of 2020. When this came out shortly after it did take me a few listens before it really clicked, but I really grew to enjoy this new one the more I listened. Kinda like Opeth in parts, but not trying to be too clever, and some very slick production on this.


Caspian – On Circles

I’d almost forgotten this came out this year! Wicked new album, never been a huge fan of them until I heard this, lots of new elements explored on this album, which makes them a lot more interesting, would really like to see them play tunes off this album live.


Pallbearer – Forgotten Days

The lads sent me this ahead of its release and I blasted it loud for almost the whole of the first UK lockdown, opening track contains maybe one of their finest riffs. For me, this album combines the doom elements from the band’s earlier records and merges with the more proggy newer songs. I think my new fave pallbearer album…


Emma Ruth Rundle // Thou – May Our Chambers Be Full

I was initially a little disappointed in this, but it really really grew on me, not really been a huge fan of Thou before, but this album has all kinda different elements that I have really grown to like. I pretty much like everything that ERR has done, can’t wait to hear her next record.


A.A Williams – Forever Blue

I was hugely excited for this album, after loving the EP and other shorter releases she had put out. This was everything I wanted it to be like Lana Del Ray meets Pink Floyd. And she has a sausage dog called Geezer. What more do you want?


Ulver – Flowers Of Evil

Been waiting for what feels like forever for this album to drop. It didn’t disappoint, full to the brim with 80s synths and dark beats. Maybe not as good as their last album? But some huge bangers on it.


All Them Witches – Nothing As The Ideal

Been a pretty big fan of them for a while, but this is my favourite release from them. It’s riffier, more bluesy, and heavier than anything they have done before and I am so down.