GUEST POST: Shiv Mehra of Deafheaven and Heaven’s Club: Top Albums of 2019

It’s time for another Ghost Cult “End Of Year” Guest post! We’ll be sharing lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe all month long! Today’s list comes from Shiv Mehra, guitarist of Deafheaven and Heaven’s Club. Check out the list!

Weyes BloodTitanic Rising (Sub Pop) one of the most beautiful albums of the year. She has a distinctively old voice with lush orchestrative structures that uplift from the weight of life. The production on this album is impeccable.


Thom Yorke Anima (XL Recordings) beyond words one of my favorite albums. Thom keeps pushing the tonality of synth and polyrhythmic structures of songs. “Dawn Chorus” is one of the most emotionally gripping songs I’ve ever heard.


WandLaughing Matter (Drag City) these guys are from LA on Drag City Records are a superlative mix of kraut and psych-pop. They’re pushing the elements of what bands can pull off and I appreciate it very much.


Rroxymore Face to Phase (Don’t Be Afraid) this Berlin producer has been killing it for a while. Rroxymore in the likes of Octa Octa are inspiring pioneers to people newly working on electronic music such as myself.


Panda BearA Day With the Homies. Noah is undoubtedly going to write good albums and he presents himself in a lighthearted relatable nature. This particular album really sat well with me. His vocal harmonies are so out of the box yet nostalgic and the sample and drum work is thought-provoking.


Moon DuoStars Are the Light (Sacred Bones) from SF Ripley and Sanae are explorative in the kraut – psych realm. This album is good vibes for any occasion. Upon listening you will find yourself among the stars.


Tim PresleyIHTFLH (Drag City) Tim from White Fence is one of my favorite songwriters. Indisposed off this album is a catchy and highly relatable pop tune (at least for myself). This man has an incredible talent to put together well structured catchy pop tunes.