GUEST POST: Mariana Fiel Of High Priestess – Top Albums Of 2018

Los Angeles psychedelic stoner doom act High Priestess have had a big year! They released their acclaimed self-titled album on Ripple Music, and toured all over. Bassist and vocalist Mariana Fiel has shared her Top 5 albums of 2018.

Mariana Fiel:

This is a top 5 because these are basically the albums that High Priestess listened to non-stop in the van during our last tour:

ChrchLight Will Consume Us All

The instrumental is outstanding… it’s quiet, it’s heavy, it transitions seamlessly and Eva’s vocals and harmonies are so ethereal, harsh and complex, yet, she does it in such an effortless way…


Messa Feast for Water

I had never heard of them before and while we were on tour, Matt Price from Behold! The Monolith (when he’s not riffing he doubles as the High Priestess driver / Merch person / Katie Gilchrest’s personal groupie) mentioned them after we gave the Chrch album the first listen. It just made so much sense to follow Light Will Consume Us All with Feast for Water. It’s a beautiful and so well produced.


SleepThe Sciences (and Leagues Beneath)

Such a great return and you can definitely hear that balance between 2018 Matt Pike and 2018 Al Cisneros. It really feels like High on Fire and OM had a beautiful baby, yet, it still has that early Sleep feel, yet, more refined.


Yob Our Raw Heart

Yob always deliver the most crushingly beautiful songs and even though Mike Scheidt went through a hell of a time recently, he managed to release it all in this ravishing album.


Judas PriestFirepower

The album had just come out and we were still on a “let’s listen to new releases” kick, so Matt suggested this new blast from the past. This one is a heavy, fun, return to form album that we enjoyed on the road. Their best since Painkiller! Awesome guitar playing throughout and Rob Halford sounds on top of his game.


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