GUEST POST: Becky Laverty of Pioneer Music Press – 2018 in Review


Concluding our 2018 In Review guest posts from some of the UK’s rock/metal/alternative music publicists is Becky Laverty of Pioneer Music Press and Cappio Records. Not only does Becky work with a fine selection of the finest alternative, progressive, dark, occult, doomy and, primarily, artistic bands, her work with Damnation and The Roadburn Festival are the stuff of legends. In addition, she also takes time to write advice pieces for bands and others involved in the music industry. She is, indeed, the goodest of eggs and future pub quiz champion of the UK (2019)…

You’ve worked with a host of great bands, fests and labels this year, but which have been your favourite and most memorable campaigns (and why)?

The first album I worked with this year was Coma Noir by The Atlas Moth (Prosthetic); it feels like a long time ago now! But as it was what seems like a lifetime ago, I do urge you to go back and check it out. It was an enjoyable start to my working year and it’s a killer album.

I very much enjoyed working with Svalbard this year and it’s gratifying to see them hitting so many year-end lists. I can’t take credit for that part of course, but I’m thrilled to have played a small part in bringing them to people’s attention. I love working with bands who have something to say, and participating in getting their message out there.

I feel like the Bell WitchMirror Reaper (Profound Lore) album has been put to bed now. The album actually came out in 2017 but they have just completed a European tour playing the album in full and it felt like those shows were kind of the endpoint. I immensely enjoyed working on that album which was challenging in a whole host of fantastic ways.

I’m delighted to be winding up 2018 with the fact that Roadburn 2019 is sold out already. There’s still a lot of work to be done but it’s a real accomplishment to have sold all those tickets so soon. (The Official Roadburn 2019 playlist is here)

What have you got coming up in the first half of next year that we should all be getting excited about?

Roadburn, of course. I am particularly excited for our commissioned pieces, plus the two Sleep sets, Drab Majesty, Cave In, Old Man Gloom, Emma Ruth Rundle, Lingua Ignota… argh! So many things! I only hope I can actually manage to catch some of those shows.

There will be a new Venom Prison album next year. All of that is still under wraps but I’ve heard it and it’s a face ripper. I’m very devoted to this band and I’m anticipating another killer year for them.

I’ll also be working on debut albums from Antre, Green Lung, and Pharlee. Keep your ears out for those.


What have been your favourite albums this year?

Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer (Bad Boy/Atlantic) is far and away my album of the year. According to Spotify I listened to it almost 100 times which doesn’t seem that much to me when I’m sat at my desk listening to music for 9+ hours a day… I think it’s an important lesson on the political power of Pop; it shouldn’t be underestimated. I saw her live in September too, she’s seriously bossing it.

Probably not too far behind is Emma Ruth Rundle’s On Dark Horses (Sargent House). I am forever swooning over her voice and this album is spellbinding in a myriad of ways.

Lingua Ignota’s All Bitches Die is excessively and brilliantly confrontational and very much my jam. I would love to work with her. Maybe one day…

SvalbardIt’s Hard To Have Hope (Holy Roar)


…any New Years resolutions you’re happy to share?

Say “no” to more things

Excel at my studies

Continue to learn to be gracious in defeat

Send my invoices on time

Improve my vocabulary further

Win more pub quizzes

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