Gone Is Gone Shares “Death Of A Dream” Video, New Album Incoming

Rock supergroup Gone Is Gone has shared a new video for their latest single “Death of a Dream” from the upcoming If Everything Happens for A Reason…Then Nothing Really Matters at All via the Clouds Hill label on December 4th. The video for, “Death of a Dream” was created by longtime collaborator Freangel Pacheco who has worked with the band on the socially distanced videos for the album during the pandemic and features additional footage by Troy Sanders capturing shots of him in the ‘dream-like’ video. The band includes Sanders (Mastodon) Tony Hajjar (At The Drive-In), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) and Mike Zarin (Sencit Music).

“I believe that going full throttle with an idea, a project, a relationship or a marriage… you put all energy into moving forward, trying to achieve this ‘dream like’ scenario, fairy tale ending, happily ever after, everything is perfect type of fantasy. If, or when, it were to fail or become an illusion, or delusion, rather than viewing it with regret, you feel as though you tried your best, gave it your all, and exhausted all positive and forward momentum possible. Hence, the death of a dream. After this life altering change of events, it can be viewed with celebration, as we hope to grow together, but quite often grow apart. All efforts were given”, comments Troy Sanders about the new single.


The new album is produced by band members Tony Hajjar and Troy Van Leeuwen, the album is the culmination of ideas and seeds of songs that the band has been working on over the last five years. Lockdown has allowed the band to hone in on these cinematic, dark but also uplifting songs and led to them releasing a number of singles throughout 2020, ahead of this release.


Gone is Gone features members of three of this millennium’s most significant crossover bands in the realm of metal, hard rock and post-hardcore: bassist/vocalistTroy Sanders of Mastodon, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwenof Queens of the Stone Age, Drummer & Programmer/ Tony Hajjar of At The Drive-In and Composer and founder of Sencit Music, Mike Zarin.

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  1. Resfeber
  2. Say Nothing
  3. Everything Is Wonderfall
  4. Wings Of Hope
  5. Sometimes I Feel
  6. No One Ever Walked On Water
  7. Death Of A Dream
  8. Crimson, Chaos and You
  9. Breaks
  10. Payoff
  11. Force Of A Feather
  12. Dirge For Delusions

Check out our interview with Troy Van Leeuwen here: