Godsmack Stream New Single, New Album Due Out In a Few Weeks

Godsmack is streaming a new single, the title track from their upcoming album, When Legends Rise, due out on April 27th from BMG. Hear it below.


Sully Erna commented:

“It was just about evolving as a songwriter. I wanted to stretch my wings out even further to use all the experiences I’ve had with writing different types of music over the years and applying that to find a way to introduce a newer, fresher, more mature sound, but still maintaining the power of GODSMACK.”

Sully added the meaning of the album is:

“…the band and our journey. It’s been an amazing road we have traveled through all the ups and downs. But being able to conquer those challenging times with alcohol and egos and everything else that can tear a band apart is what we are the most proud of.”

When Legends Rise was recorded at Godsmack’s headquarters (GSHQ) in Derry, New Hampshire and produced by Erik Ron and Sully Erna.

You can pre-order the album here: