Glass Artery Books Livestream Show for This Weekend

Progressive Post-Metal band Glass Artery released their self-titled debut EP this past June, causing a stir in the scene with their intense, emotional music, and by donating 50% of proceeds from sales on Bandcamp to the National Domestic Violence Hotline in perpetuity ( This weekend, on November 8th at 3:00 PM EST, the band is going to be doing a live stream on YouTube at Backroom Studios ( with Kevin Antreassian (@kevin_backroom) of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Kevin is using his studio to help emerging bands during the pandemic. Glass Artery is already working on its next release, expected in 2021. Set the reminder link for the livestream, and purchase and jam out to their album at Bandcamp.

Glass Artery, based out of Brooklyn, NY, is a Post-Metal / Progressive-Metal group comprised of three core members: John Dischiavo, Syed Hasib, and Harold McCummings (Fall of the Albatross).

The eponymous EP was primarily a DIY project, where John tracked nearly all of the instruments and vocals, as well as mixed, edited, and produced nearly all of the tracks at his home studio. Abandoner was mixed and produced by Vince Welch ( of Bent Knee fame (

The album is described as: “An amalgamation of many moments of heartache, across multiple people’s experiences, personified into music”. (The band is also working on a second EP projected to be completed by mid-2021, on the state of the world as it stands, COVID, politics, wildfires, etc.)

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