Ginger Wildheart Streams ‘Honor’ With Courtney Love, Forms New Project G-A-S-S


Ginger Wildheart has been working his latest musical venture called G-A-S-S-, where he has rewarded members with 24 brand new songs, 16 unreleased demos and alternate mixes, regular diary updates, podcasts, horror reviews, and many other exclusive extras.

Visit here now, where you can get a sampler of the new music that’s on offer, a podcast, a selection of diary entries, and more, all wrapped up in the gorgeous exclusive artwork that accompanies it. And if you like what you find, then you can sign up for the full package, catch up with the last 8 months worth of content and receive 4 more!

Ginger has recently recorded the song “Honour” with Courtney Love, and while he was in Australia playing for her band, they recorded a video for the song, which will be released as a single in the New Year. Watch it here.