Ghost Cult’s Weekly Ritual Edition (LIVE) News Show 2-3-23


Catch up on what you missed this week in the world of Rock and Metal news with our show!



Thanks to RobbZipp for turning us on to Streamyard!


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Check out our weekly news show! ? We cover the major stories of the week in heavy music, rock, and metal news, tour dates, and festivals, New Music Friday, and more!


Hosted, written, and co-produced Keefy


Co-produced by Omar Cordy​​


New Music Friday narration by Nik Cameron


Theme song by Salted Wounds​


Fight riff by Fahad Syed​​



Cedrik Davis of Sanguisugabog



BillyBio details how Biohazard reunited:



The Warning:




Ralka Skejerseth interviews Naga Siren


Sanguissugagbog, Biohazard, The Warning, Katatonia, Naga Siren, Inkcarceration, Milwaukee Metalfest first 30 bands, Bloodstock Open Air adds Candlemass and more, Turnstile to headline Furnace Fest, Atlanta Doom fest, Oblivion Acess first announcement, Isola Fest books, Gored in The Heart of Texas Fest, Mutants Fest, Noise Pop festival and Film series, Ozzy retires for touring, Rob Zombie and Alice Copper to tour with Ministry and Filter, Fall Out Boy books good bands for a tour, Fear Factory new vocalist and tour soon, Carcass tour, Vomit Forth tour, Demon Hunter 20th anniversary tour, Tarja US tour, Ipecac Tour, Conan books a tour, Tool forecasts a “big tour,” Bush kicks off their tour with Jerry Cantrell and Candlebox, Health and Author – Author and Punisher, Iron Maiden – RATM – Soundgarden nominated for the Rock Hall, Metallica’s Cliff Burton Day coming next week, Overkill new single and album news, Gel debut album and new single, Year of the Knife – new EP, Acid Magus, 7 Seconds reissue out now, Marc Lopes is the new singer in Metal Church, Classless Act covers Bowie, and in our mailbag – Anthrax on Vinyl!



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