Ghost Cult’s Second Guest DJ Special on Gimme Metal is Today!

Ghost Cult returns to Gimme Metal hosts today as our chief, Keefy, hosts our very own “Guest DJ special!” Celebrating 9 years of, He’ll bring you a two-hour show of killer tunes today, Tuesday, November 9th at 11 AM EST with our own curated playlist of awesome metal tracks from across Death Metal, Stoner Doom, Prog, Thrash, Viking, Dark Folk, Black Metal, and more! Bands on our playlist include Creeping Death, Vreid, Matriarchs, Suffocation, Melvins, and more! Sign up for FREE with the app or online, tune in and let’s goooooo!

GIMME METAL Chart – October 30th, 2020:
1. Armored Saint – “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants”
2. Spirit Adrift – “Cosmic Conquest”
3. Carnation – “Where Death Lies”
4. Haunt – “St. Vitus Dance”
5. Enterprise Earth – “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For”
6. Plague Years – “Paradox Of Death”
7. Geld – “Trench”
8. Fates Warning – “Now Comes The Rain”
9. Cadaver – “Morgue Ritual”
10. Pharaoh Overlord – “Without Song All Will Perish”


Click here for the full Top 40 List.

Gimme Metal Top 40 Chart

About Ghost Cult:
Ghost Cult Magazine Guest DJ Special – Established in 2012, Ghost Cult Magazine is a music news, interviews, and reviews portal dedicated to covering rock, metal, punk, hardcore, indie rock, doom, prog, death, black metal, sludge, grindcore bands, underground artists, and a whole lot more! Ghost Cult’s writing team is made up of experienced writers, seasoned music journalists, and concert photographers from all over the world who seek to uncover music that challenges listeners and fans. They provide music news updates daily, feature interviews with bands you care about, and cover music festivals and concerts globally. Their pledge to you is to emulate the music they love by ensuring that their website offers in-depth discussion, coverage, and criticism of music that defies expectations. GIMME METAL is pleased to welcome editor Keefy to the guest DJ seat!
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