Ghost Cult Presents: Albums of The Year 2013- Part III

And then there were ten! We are slashing our list of 2013 heavy music Albums of the Year down another bunch to albums #10-#6. As voted on by the global staff of Ghost Cult Magazine, these albums represent some of the best releases of last year.



Philip-H-Anselmo-The-Illegals-Walk-Through-Exits-Only 10. Philip H. Anselmo & The IllegalsWalk Through Exits Only (Housecore)

Intelligent, difficult, challenging, aggressive, unique extremity from Big Phil.

Issue 10: “If you love the vitriolic harshness of classic middle-era Pantera albums, Superjoint Ritual and his other work, you will be thrilled to hear the sound of the Phil of old rise again. This album will speak to a primal place deep within you, and it will have you speaking in tongues.” Read the full review



Vista_chino_-_peace_album_cover 9. Vista Chino – Peace (Napalm)

Kyuss (minus Homme) return with a chilled out fuzzy purpose.

Issue 13: “Given that no other band of their ilk has ever come close to bettering the Kyuss sound, this was hardly ever likely to go wrong, and with the likes of Garcia and Bjork at the helm, Vista Chino are a blast from the past that are surely here to stay, and one that any self-respecting rock fan should thank his/her lucky stars for. Welcome back gentlemen!” Read the full review




a2170755765_10 8. Gorguts – Colored Sands (Season of Mist)

Discordant Death metal masterpiece

Issue 12: “Gorguts are one of the best technical death metal bands out there, and Colored Sands is a very welcome return which easily measures up with other entries in their discography. The best thing about Colored Sands is that they haven’t attempted to recreate any part of their discography, yet it is still resolutely, undeniably, Gorguts.” Read the full review



kylesa-ultraviolet 7. Kylesa – Ultraviolet (Season of Mist)

Psychedelic sludgers bring the rock on their 6th album

Issue 10: “Filtering a psychedelic and shoegaze like warmth and expression through their distinctive sonic mastery, the band has created an album (that) will enslave a new breath of fever fuelled recruits to their continuing artistry and imagination.” Read the full review



ihsahn-das 6. Ihsahn – Das Seelenbrechen (Candlelight)

Progressive, extreme, inventive and avant-garde

Issue 13: OCTOBER ALBUM OF THE MONTH Das Seelenbrechen translating to “The Soul Breaking” in English, sees Ihsahn pushing further into the realms of Avant-Garde experimentalism. Aided by the fine gents in Leprous, Tveitan has crafted an increasingly bold complex concoction of intricate time changes, free jazz passages and snarling extreme metal.” Read the full review



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Written and compiled by Steve Tovey