Ghost Cult Magazine Issue 10 Out Now

Layout 1 As the unrelenting march of the festival season continues it is impossible not to have sinewy tingles singing out their excitement at this time of year especially with the likes of Bloodstock still on the near horizon, though the loss of Hevyfest for this year dampens the atmosphere a little. Surrounding these occasions metal still continues to surprise, impress, and at times disappoint with its latest releases whilst keeping us on our toes with its latest twists and turns such as with Vikernes almost waxing lyrical about the French police after his latest arrest, The Rolling Stone controversy, the first part of the Pelagial World Tour which sees The Ocean submerging the likes of North America, China, and Russia in their uniquely atmospheric and dramatic ingenuity, and the announcement of the Lamb Of God/Killswitch Engage tour even if their support Testament and Huntress is the stronger proposition for personal thrills.

The one question which still goes unanswered though is why some bands fade out songs on their releases as if they do not know how to end them or lacked the time or will to work one out. Ok it is just a personal annoyance one which niggles away yearly just like people saying “is it hot enough for you?” in the middle of a heatwave but one which should be addressed if only for the peace of needy appetites like mine.

Anyway rant over and on to more important matters and there is no chance of any fading away in the latest issue of Ghost Cult as we head into the heart of Download and Hellfest to bring the deepest incite and coverage of those major metal live storms, as well as gig reviews of the likes of Red Fang and Anathema. We also stand word to word with bands in revealing interviews with artists such as Amon Amarth, Tesseract, Kylesa, and Palms to name just a few. With reviews of plenty of the best major and underground releases, just who is our album of the month choice?; as well as another excellent ‘Top 5 Records that changed my life’ declaration, Ghost Cult Issue 10 has all you need to enjoy your metal bound summer.

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