Geddy Lee Gives Another Update On The Future Of Rush

In a new interview with the Guardian, Geddy Lee affirmed that Rush is not coming back in any form in the future. Lee went on to say that he does miss playing in the band, now retired that performed their final performance on August 1, 2015, at the Forum in Los Angeles. Neil Peart is officially retired from music, although Geddy and Alex Lifeson both have indicated they may regroup at a later date to make music again.

Asked by The Guardian if Lee thought the Forum show was the final performance of the band at the time:

“Not 100 percent. Neil [Peart, drums] was pretty adamant it was, and he played it like it was going to be the final show. And that’s why he actually left the drum throne and came out and gave us a hug on stage, which he swore he would never do. I guess I was a bit of an optimist. But nope. I think Alex [Lifeson, guitar] accepted it more as the end. I thought we really killed it that night, but it was hard to tell, because it got really emotional in the last 20 minutes. That’s the first time I ever got choked up at a microphone. So I guess a part of me knew.”

Lee went on:

“I don’t miss travelling with RUSH. I miss being on stage with those guys because it was a singular honor to me. I’m sure I will play live again one day, but it will never replace that intensity of what a three-hour RUSH show was like to perform: it challenged me to my max and that’s rare in this life.”