Galactic Protector (The Sword) Streams New Single and Video – “Liseran Sand”

Veteran musician / producer Bryan Richie, known best bassist for American rock band The Sword, has announced a new solo project under the pseudonym Galactic Protector. Full of synths and dreamy Pop and post-Rock song stylings, the project is a respite from the crusty stoner rock jams Bryan was known for in his previous work. Galactic Protector’s debut LP, Evening, will see a June 28 release via UK boutique label Burning Witches Records (Daniel Davies, Deadly Avenger). Watch the clip for “Liseran Sand” now!

Galactic Protector’s Evening was mastered by Dan Coutant (Matt Pond PA, Heavy Drag) with interstellar artwork by Kearin Cook (‘It Follows’, ‘Oblivion’). Tranquil, nostalgic and melodic, Evening pushes sound beyond the realms of IDM and ambient, conjuring a more kinetic, experiential expression of sound. Using an arsenal of analog and digital synths, Richie’s music as Galactic Protector blends new wave and cinematic influences with sophisticated downtempo beat patterns. The tracks initially took shape at Richie’s home studio as well as in the Portland studio of producer Tucker Martine (Neko Case, Modest Mouse) during recording sessions for The Sword’s 2018 release Used Future.

Richie explains: “I started demoing out song ideas for the next Sword full length almost immediately after the album cycle for our album ‘High Country’ was finished. While we were recording ‘Used Future’, and as my band mates would be recording overdubs, I’d be tracking keys or processing midi in another room! Some of the pieces I was writing were really exciting to me but most definitely not potential Sword songs, although the song that I wrote using Jimmy’s (Vela, Sword drummer) drums, called “Intermezzo” did end up on ‘Used Future’. I kept writing and writing and eventually I had a grip of tracks — performed, programmed and recorded by myself — that led me to entertain the idea of a solo album, and Galactic Protector was born.”

Evening track listing:

1.) Galactic Protector (watch VIDEO)

2.) Space Year 1422

3.) Sunset on Saba

4.) Tarsier

5.) No Soul

6.) Infinite Bias

7.) Liseran Sand (Popmatters premiere)

8.) Amaryllis

9.) Amuse Bouch

10.) Greige

11.) Artificial Gravity

12.) Dobler Court

13.) YM2612

14.) Forren

15.) Mother

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