Fozzy & Drowning Pool – Live @ The Garage, London

DROWNING 4Back with vengeance, with a new lead singer by the name of Jasen Moreno and with their fifth album, Resilience, all American stars Drowning Pool are taking over London tonight with a live show that establishes them once again in top shape. So many years have passed since their debut album Sinner, “the masterpiece”, and the premature, tragic death of Drowning Pool’s first, unforgettable frontman Dave Williams, but Resilience is definitely the word for this quartet that has so much to share with a loyal audience that was dying to welcome them back in the Capital.

Hailing from Atlanta, Fozzy are definitely a good support band for the evening as they warm up the crowd undeniably well with vibrant renditions of ‘Pray For Blood’and ‘Sin And Bones’. Frontman Chris Jericho shows his talent in keeping with rhythms as fast as heartbeats whilst ‘Enemy’and ‘BloodHappens’engulf the scorching crowd with hypnotic and clinical guitar work passionately delivered by guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey.

DROWNING 5By the time Drowning Pool hit the stage, the temperature has well risen. Jasen Moreno introduces himself to the Londoners with crushing renditions of ‘Step Up’ and ‘Sinner’ that not only prove engaging but are perhaps even more entrancing and energetic than ever. Flowing in-between aural assaults from ‘Tear Away’ and ‘One Finger And A Fist’, the set evolves to a grand celebration for the return of Drowning Pool: their stupefying virtuosity and vigour reaching the highest point during ‘FeelLike I Do’, thanks to guitarist C.J. Pierce’s all power-gripping riffs. Drummer Mike Luce and bassist Stevie Benton truly stand out as they powerfully convene sweltering vibrations and engaging ardour. And what is the best way to say goodbye? ‘Bodies’ as the closing track with the final moshpit for another unforgettable live performance from a damn good band. Let’s hope this is just the beginning, as one Drowning Pool show is clearly not enough.

Drowning Pool
London, The Garage
24th April
Marcus J. West
Photo: Fabiola Santini

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